Investigation and treatment of tinnitus is complete, when all five sectors are taken into account, that can cause tinnitus.

Treatment methods act on the auditory system as an integral network by influencing one or several sectors

Disorders and their specific symptoms

Disorder-type:     central   somatosensory     otic             endolymphatic       toxic

Treatments and their effect on tinnitus causing disorders

Method Cause of Tinnitus

Venous infusion - corticoids cochlear; environ.
Tinnitus-Retraining-Therapy (TRT) central; cochlear
Acupuncture somatic; central
Naturopathic medicine somatic; central; cochlear; environ.
Herbs (Ginkgo, Kava) cochlear; environ.
Manual medicine somatic; cochlear
Neural Therapy somatic; cochlear; central
Dental treatment somatic; cochlear
Orthodontic treatment somatic; cochlear; central
Sensomotoric exercise cochlear; somatic; central
Nurition therapy somatic; central; environ.
Homeopathy somatic; central; cochlear
Yoga central; somatic
Tai Chi central; somatic
Cholesterin-Fibrinogen-Apheresis central; cochlear
Environmental medicine environ.
Orthomolecular medicine somatic; central; cochlear; environ.
Cognitive psychtherapy central
Hypnotherapy central; somatic; cochlear

Tinnitus in otic disorders...


requires physical and meatbolic stabilisation and support. Acute forms often benefit of osteopathic treatment, hyperbaric oxygen or corticoid medication and i.v. infusions with e.g. hydroxyaethylcellulose. Further herbs like Ginkgo have proven to be helpful. Also without treatment it often has a good prognosis.

The chronic form does require a very differentiated therapy including medication, osteopathic and physical therapy, neural therapy, traditional chinese acupuncture, homeopathy, hearing aid or noiser, retraining therapy, hypnotherapy and a lot more. The reason for this great variety is the complexity of the inner ear with its different functions.

Tinnitus in somatosensory disorders...


is often combined with problems in muscles and joints in  TMJ, upper vertebral column and sutures of skull bones. Osteopathic techniques, acupuncture, orthopedic, dentist and orthodontic treatments, physical therapy and exercises, e.g. Hanna-Somatics help to harmonize the musculo-skeletal system.

Tinnitus in disorders of the central nervous system...


is generated through neuroplacticity by the auditory system. When the perception of tinnitus is linked to negative emotions (e.g. fear) a phantom auditory perception is created and the focus on a tinnitus becomes a subconsious habit. To let go of e.g. fear through therapeutic counseling or specialized therapies and learn to "forget"  the tinnitus is the principle in Tinnitus-Retraining-Therapy. It helps a patient to go the way of tinnitus-generation in the opposite direction. Facing realities deep inside of us can have a tremendous therapeutical impact. If the personal counseling between patient and physician or the work with hypnotherapy, cognitive therapy or family constellation work is the best choice depends an individual factors of the patient. A number of other therapies assist the process of habituation and retraining.

Tinnitus in toxic disorders...


can harm the auditory system through physical or toxic influence. Also a number of drugs can cause tinnitus. Less known are dental materials or intoxications and allergies. Applied Kinesiology and sensitive lab testing can help to detect these factors. In case of positive results the elimination of toxic influences is necessary.

Tinnitus in endolymphatic disorders...                       for more specific information:    



... it is important to look for hidden focus of inflammation in the body like in tonsills, prostate, teeth, TMJ, nasal sinus and intestines. Further the function of the upper vertebral column and the cranio sacral system. Medication with caroverin, or picrotoxin can be useful. Nutrition and supplements need to be checked, as well as immunological parameters. Sometimes there are subconcious conflicts present, involving anger or suppressed emotions.

Objective forms of tinnitus causing disorders...


of tinnitus can be treated with mineral supplements like e.g. magnesium after lab tests. Arterial hypertension and anemia need internal treatment, as well as high blood viscosity and hyperlipoproteinemia. Ossification of ossicles and benign tumors of blood vessels or auditory nerve require surgical treatment.

General implications in Tinnitus Therapy :


(Warning: The following medical information describes the decision making process of specialized physicians. Do not use as guideline for self treatment.  Tinnitus as a complex symptom needs proper medical diagnosis by your specialized physician. The following information does not replace medical treatment by your physician.)