"Welcome - we diagnose and treat patients with tinnitus and other hearing disorders!"


Dr. Michael Golenhofen

 Board Certified ENT- Physician

Our team specialises in the interdisciplinary diagnosis of tinnitus and hearing disorders.

In a 1-day-check we make a proper diagnosis of your disorder, so that a successful treatment can be planned and realised.

Diagnostic and Treatment integrates Neurootology, craniomandibular orthopaedics, psychology and interdisciplinary aspects of 






With our diagnostic, we determine the disorders underlying your tinnitus perception and define an appropriate treatment.


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- You are welcome to have a first, free counselling on your tinnitus complaints, so that you can make a safe decision on your further diagnostic and therapeutical efforts - please do not hesitate to contact us via Email (below) or phone (above on the right). -

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